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State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

When you come to Preston Bend Dental, you can look forward to receiving care with some of today's most advanced tools. These tools not only make the treatment process more comfortable, they also make it possible for us to diagnose problems earlier and with greater accuracy. As a result, our patients from Plano and beyond can enjoy significantly better health and wellbeing.


DIAGNOdent is a special tool that helps us diagnose decay before it ever becomes visible with the naked eye. During your visit, Dr. Madhav will simply pass the DIAGNOdent wand over the chewing surfaces of your teeth. If she finds anything, we can schedule a follow-up appointment for you that day. Treating decay at this stage allows us to leave more of your natural in place, and that's good news.

Digital X-Rays

A visual exam will tell us a lot about your smile, but it won't tell us everything. That's why dentists take x-rays. With x-rays, we can have a more complete picture of your needs. And with digital x-rays, the process takes less time and exposes patients to far less radiation. We also don't need any harmful chemicals to develop your results. Instead, we can project them almost immediately on a handy monitor, where you can look at them with Dr. Madhav.

Intra-Oral Camera

As with digital x-rays, an intraoral camera will help us see areas of your smile that are hard to see with a traditional exam. During your exam, Dr. Madhav will use the pen-sized wand to assess your needs and explain her  findings. We will also use our camera to explain your treatment options. We want every one of our patients to be as informed as possible.


During any procedure, keeping the treatment area dry and well lit is important. That's why Dr. Madhav uses Isolite. This special tools provides powerful LED lighting with two channels of continuous, hand-free suction, perfectly isolating and illuminating the part of your smile we'll be working on. And because it combines two important features into one tool, we can avoid putting too many tools into your mouth at once. Visit the Isolite website for more information.