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How Are Dentures Made?

September 4, 2016

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How does the dentist in Plano make dentures?You love to cook. You spent years reading recipe books and watching food shows trying to find new things to make. In the past few years you haven’t even needed to follow guides or measure ingredients. You simply go by taste and feel. At least, you used to. As you stare down at your bowl of mashed potatoes, you wish you could have made them part of something, not the entire meal itself. It’s probably time you considered a set of dentures, but how long does that take? What is it like getting dentures? Dr. Anita Naik Madhav, a dentist in Plano, walks you through the steps.

How It’s Made: Dentures

Life can be difficult when you are missing quite a few of your teeth. Simple things like talking or eating may become strained, not to mention the affect it can have on your appearance. People with missing teeth tend to be less social and cannot always get the adequate nutrition they need. The general dentist in Plano may suggest a set of partial or complete dentures, which is a removable prosthetic that is meant to replace a number of missing teeth. The dentures themselves are usually composed of two main materials: acrylic resin and porcelain. This acrylic resin composes the portion that will recreate and sit on your gums. It is a rigid material that is meant to stand up to the normal bite forces your mouth exerts. The porcelain composes the crowns that recreate the teeth. This material is able to recreate teeth that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally strong, enabling you to smile wide and eat assuredly. The process of making your dentures involves several visits spread out over the course of a few weeks. This time is to guarantee that you get the ideal fit and look with your dentures. You will wear them for most of the day, so it is paramount that you are comfortable in all facets. The process follows 4 basic steps:

  • A series of impressions will be made of your jaws to see how they naturally fit together
  • A series of wax models will be made for you to try on in order to help you assess how you want the dentures to look and feel
  • After enough models have been tried on, the final set of dentures will be created
  • Any further adjustments will be made after you try them on

Your comfort is always considered during this process. You are always encouraged to give us feedback so we can make a device that best suits you.

How Will They Feel?

Dentures will certainly be a new sensation initially. You will have to get used to them, and that is done by wearing them consistently. New dentures may feel a bit loose, but it just takes time for your natural soft tissue to conform to them. You may be advised to use a bit of dental adhesive to help them fit. You will need to take special care when eating and talking for a few weeks in order for them to feel completely natural. A slight amount of irritation in the gums is normal, but if you feel pain or have extensive irritation, please come back and see us immediately.

Made For You

Preston Bend Dental want to take the time and care so you can leave with a set of dentures made just for you that you can trust. Your missing teeth don’t have to dictate your life anymore, so if you think dentures might help bring your smile back, please give us a call today.

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