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See Your Emergency Dentist in 75024 For Care – Not The ER

January 24, 2017

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While many people think of the emergency room as the place to go, when it comes to dental emergencies, only your emergency dentist in 75024 can perform dentistry. You wake up bright and early and are excited to head out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for a bike ride – the weather is perfect to enjoy the scenery. You’re getting dressed and you notice a pulsating sensation in your mouth. As you brush your teeth, you inspect things to find out what the culprit is. You look in the mirror and notice something is off. One of your molars is cracked. Your wife hears you fussing in the bathroom and checks on you – she reminds you to take a deep breath and become calm. Rather than going to the ER, your wife tells you about how her father once broke a tooth and the ER couldn’t help, even though they charged him for services. She quickly googles an emergency dentist in 75024 – Dr. Anita Madhav at Preston Bend Dental is close to you and offers emergency dental services. You call (972) 905-4406 and Dr. Madhav meets you in her office in no time. 

Why Your Dentist Is The Right Choice For Dental Emergencies

Dr. Madhav understands the natural inclination to think the ER is the place to go for all emergencies, including those that involve your teeth. While this may be your first thought, the emergency room is costly and, in many cases, can’t provide the right treatment.

Since only dentists can perform dentistry, and it’s extremely rare to find an ER with a dentist on-call (or even on staff for that matter), the ER should be your back-up, not your first choice for emergency dental services. A doctor in the ER won’t be able to help with cracked, broken, or knocked-out teeth. They’re also unable to remove things that are stuck in between teeth and can’t treat toothaches, but Preston Bend Dental can. And even though the ER won’t be able to treat you, you’ll most likely have to pay your copay regardless.

When To Go To The ER

If you experience trauma to the face that causes severe swelling, if you have cuts in your mouth or bleeding that doesn’t stop or slow down after 10 minutes of constant pressure, or you think your jaw is broken, head to the emergency room immediately.

Tips to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Although Dr. Madhav is happy to treat you in an emergency situation, she’d much rather see you for checkups and preventive cleanings as your 75024 dentist. To avoid dental emergencies, see her and the team at Preston Bend Dental regularly for routine oral care. Additionally, always use scissors to cut and open things – never use your teeth as a scissor substitute. Wear a mouthguard if you’re an athlete and a nightguard if you grind your teeth at night.

In the event that a dental emergency occurs, stay calm. Call Dr. Madhav right away at (972) 905-4406 and perform these dental first aid steps rather than heading to the emergency room. Also, schedule an appointment today for a regular office visit with Preston Bend Dental to help prevent dental emergencies in the first place.

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