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Surprise Mom with A Cosmetic Visit to Your Dentist in Plano!

May 14, 2017

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How can your dentist in Plano improve your mother’s smile?Did you know that May is National Women’s Health Month? It’s coincidental that that lines up right with Mother’s Day, huh? One of the best ways that you can show your mom that you care by providing her gifts that will keep her mouth and body healthy. Your Plano dentist has some ideas for you.

1.      Make flossing easier for your mom!

Moms can give off the impression of “scatterbrained.” The truth is it takes a lot of time, attention, and most importantly dedication to making sure a whole family is taken care of. This can cause your mom to forget about caring for herself from time to time, especially when it comes to flossing. Spruce up her dental routine with a new flossing tool like a waterpik or airflosser and cut her dental routine time in half!

2.      Invest in a better brush for your mom.

As much as your 75024 dentist doesn’t like to admit it, brushing your own teeth can get boring from time to time. That doesn’t make it any less important, though! One of the worst things your mom could be doing to her teeth is cutting her dental hygiene routine short because she doesn’t look forward to brushing twice a day anymore. If your mother doesn’t have an electric toothbrush yet, she’ll absolutely love getting one this year. Add some spice to your loved one’s dental routine!

3.      Get a cosmetic treatment for your mother.

Have you ever seen your mom critiquing her teeth in the mirror? Mother’s Day is the perfect time to surprise her with an appointment at Preston Blend Dental. Even better, instead of having her take the time out of her busy day to google, “dentist near me in Plano,” just give us a call and schedule her appointment ahead of time! We offer veneers, teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and Invisalign. All it takes is a single appointment for your mother to consult with Dr. Anita Naik Madhav.

4.      Get her chocolate—yes, your dentist is recommending candy!

Maintaining healthy teeth doesn’t mean that you must avoid sugar altogether if you indulge in moderation. A dark chocolate bar could be the perfect gift for your mom to snack on! Did you know that the cocoa in dark chocolate works to prevent cavities? Actually, it’s perfect for National Women’s Health Month, too. Dark chocolate is great for the rest of your body by reducing chances of cardiac arrest, strokes, boosting metabolism, erasing PMS issues (you know you’ve witnessed your mom mid-mood swing before), and improves your brain function.

Give Preston Blend Dental a Call Today!

Can you picture your mom’s surprise when she opens her Mother’s Day card and finds an appointment card for her next cosmetic dental appointment? Who wouldn’t like to improve their smile? Give your mother a gift she truly deserves by calling us today and scheduling an appointment for her!

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